I’m Lesley, a passionate photographer based in the UK with a big heart for landscapes, nature and architecture.


I love creating an image that speaks to you. So when I take photos out in the field or on location, I look at shapes, colours, light, composition and that 'je ne sais quoi' feeling. A quality that is hard to describe or name but I recognise it when I see it.


I have studied design and communication in addition to a master's in social sciences therefore I have developed an eye for detail and composition early on. Clients I'm working with are in the tourism sector, restaurants and hospitality, artisan makers and private collectors,

On top of that I have a background in business therefore I know what works to attract customers.


So what can I do for you? I'm pleased that you found me and I love to hear what creative project or ongoing support I can give you. I specialise in landscape, travel and food/ interior photography and for me it is about creating beautiful photos and inspiring imagery. Don't worry if you need something a bit different but like my style. Let's get together and talk!

'Lesley was incredibly helpful with the selection process when looking through her existing image library. We came away with the perfect photograph for the space we had in mind which she also visited and reviewed for us. 

'I would highly recommend Lesley for her photographic eye and natural creativity.'

Sarah Allen


'Lesley is a joy to work with and has a true creative vision for her photography. I’d recommend her to anyone in need of a reliable, positive and talented photographer.'

Craig Perry, Brand Specialist - Norfolk Passport

'Lesley is the full package. She helped us launch our marketing approach when we launched our business. She advised on social media use, came up with ideas for campaigns, helped us develop a look for the newsletter and photography and also helped us format the newsletter each month.


'She’s a keen photographer so also took images for the newsletters and for us on social media. Her advice and help in the first year was invaluable.


'She’s got a great eye and her own professional experience and ability to plan ahead was something we couldn’t have done without.'

Hannah Springham, Operations Director for The Dial House and Farmyard Restaurant

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