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How can I grow your business?


Besides photography, I write content, and advise on and implement strategic communications.

So if you need a social media plan, copy for a website or support with profile raising in the media or online, then stay tuned!

I'm an accomplished and qualified professional with more than 20 years' experience in communications, including PR, marketing, digital strategy, branding and campaigns. I have worked with multinationals, small businesses and public sector organisations so I have a wealth of experience to dip into. 

'Produced award-winning annual report for LandSec'

My strengths are creating tailored content which is delivered through a selected mix of multi-channels. It is proven that this approach is the most successful way to increase an organisation's profile and sales. 

I have helped businesses boost their growth through PR, online social media plan. strategic communications and imagery. So when I work with you, I can offer the whole package without the overhead

Copy, social media & profile raising

Here are explanations of advice and activity, I would do for you to help take your business forward.

Copy writing - Writing content for web, social media, brochures/ leaflets, press releases and other marketing purposes. Text will be aligned with your business brand, tone and narrative.

Social media plan - Market assessment, audience segmentation, social media accounts analysis, content planning, calendar and campaigns (one-off assessment and planning or monthly retainer which also includes evaluation and strategy).

Business profile raising - Development and implementation of integrated communication strategy and action plan. This includes market analysis (SWOT), audience profiling & segmentation, setting objectives, resources, timescales, budget and ways to measure success. 

I apply the five pillars of a strategic brand communications plan, which are:

  • Identify audience (who is the customer or client)

  • Determine goals and objectives (why do you communicate/ purpose)

  • Develop key messages (what are your unique selling points and turn these into key talking points)

  • Tactical action plan (how are we communicating our message, to whom and when)

  • Measure output (implement ways to evaluate activity and campaigns). 

If you don't measure, you don't know if you are successful! So when you employ a communications adviser always ask about this!

Are you still not sure what you need? Don't worry, contact me and we will work it out. Get in touch for my day rate, content & image package or a retainer.


Below are a few project examples.


Digital growth

Norfolk Passport

As the Editor of its visitor guide, I achieved 90% organic growth in 18 months for its Facebook page and membership growth.

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